A Healing Place


Massage By The Lake is the place to come to relax, inhale and exhale. Suzanne encourages a relaxing environment and certainly shares a calming energy with her clients.

She tailors her massage to focus on your area(s) of concern in  your body due to tension, pain, or stress by using various techniques or modalities. Her goal is to provide you with your desired outcome of optimum health. 

There are so many studies that have proven the absolute benefits of therapeutic massage. It is certainly one of the oldest healing modalities in the world and remains one of the most popular and desirable treatments for stress and pain relief.

Whether you have had a massage in the past or have never had a massage, Suzanne at Massage By The Lake will put you at ease. Call her today and schedule an appointment. Call 828-400-0247 or email shlangford334@gmail.com.


benefits of Massage:

  • Increases metabolism.

  • Improves general health.

  • Dilates the blood vessels, therefore, improving circulation.

  • Acts as a mechanical cleanser stimulating lymph circulation and hastening the elimination of wastes and toxic debris.

  • Stretches connective tissue preventing the formation of adhesions and reduces the danger of fibrosis.

  • Helps return venous blood to the heart and thus eases the strain on this vital organ.

  • Helps prevent buildup of harmful "fatigue" products resulting from strenuous exercise or injury.

  • May have a sedative, stimulating or even exhausting effect on the nervous system depending on the type and length of massage treatment.

  • And so much more...